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In 2011 our family purchased Burnbend Angusstud and renamed the stud Shrublands Estate Angus. We aim to build and improve upon the original Angus herd through the introduction of new genetics imported from the US and overseas to provide our clients with genetically strong andsound stud bulls and breeding females.















As well as the Black Angus Stud, we also have begun to breed British White cattle. It is our strong belief that this breed has great potential in commercial markets with the breeds strong milking and beef attributes. We were fortunate enough to build our British White herd initially on completely outcrossed and rare US genetics- through an embryo program which resulted in 20 purebred females from the Jimmy West TX Stud Bloodline. 

We produce a small number of bulls per year and use the bulls ourselves as "Marker" bulls. The hybrid vigor of the Angus first cross is remarkable and our first cross females are highly sought after for their exceptional milk and temperament attributes.





OzGenetics is a breeding consulting service that is contracted by Shrublands Estate for both the British White and Angus breeding programs.


Providing all our AI and Pregnancy testing services as well as consulting and sourcing embryos and semen from both local and overseas breeders we will continue to work with OzGenetics to improve and expand on our herd.


For further information, please contact Caitlin Williams on 0419007489


Eildon Trout Farm

The Eildon Trout Farm is located within Shrublands Estate and is a Whole and Retail fish farm. Contains 5 ponds for recreational fishing for beginners to the expert fly fisher. 




Shrublands Estate is a family owned and runproperty located in Thornton Victoria on 320 acres of lush river flats, with 3kms of Goulburn River frontage.


Purchased in 2009 the original 100 acre property has expanded to now also include the Eildon Trout Farm and Burnbend which all now make up Shrublands Estate.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Please click link below for slideshow on the property and our cattle thanks to Jimmie West. 





0498 749 976

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