Shrublands Estate is located alongside the beautiful Goulburn River in Thornton Victoria.  The estate breeds stud Black Angus and British White cattle. 







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Farm Update

Our Autumn calving has just begun!!

Our first calves have arrived early and were very excited to see these new lines hit the ground. 

We have also just finished weaning our Q Spring Calves- their weights are off the charts- check out this Baldridge Beast Mode Calf! He's only just 6 months old and already showing all the right traits! 













We also have recently joined the Greenhams Never Ever Beef Program- a program that boasts GMO free, Antibiotic Free, Grass fed & Humane beef production. We hope by joining this program we encourage others to jump on board- it promotes a higher level of farm management and by joining you are adding that little extra sale appeal! (Plus a higher premium per kg)

With Autumn Joining coming up, we have updated our bulls for lease page- please have a look and if interested make sure you get in quick and reserve your bull! All our bulls have been Vibrio Vacced and are ready to go- check out the Lease page for more details. 

Our P Bulls will be available for Sale from Mid March- their details will be uploaded to the site closer to this date. 

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