Shrublands Estate is located alongside the beautiful Goulburn River in Thornton Victoria.  The estate breeds stud Black Angus and British White cattle. 







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Farm Update

Its that time of year again- our spring calving has commenced! We are very excited to see the our first ever Fresh Embryo Transfer calves born as well as our very first Trailblazer calves. 

Check this Trailblazer bull out!

Top 1% of the breed for 200Day, 400Day, 600 Day weights as well as Carcase- a true powerhouse bull we are very excited to see how these calves grow out!

We have also updated our current bulls for sale- we have a great line of ex stud sires that are excess to our needs- definitely a great buy!

We also have 11 PTIC Angus x British White heifers for sale- check the sale page for more info. 

FOR SALE: Yearling Commercial Bulls

$1700 + GST

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